IBB says his government was filled with saints and angels    
1/6/2015 1:04:57 PM    

Former Military Head of state, Gen. Ibrahim Babangida described members of his administration as saints and angels compared to those in power today. IBB made this remark during an interview with EFCC's internal correspondence "Zero Tolerance"

"Let me tell you something, maybe you have a hand in it. I have been the most investigated President Nigeria has ever had. By now, somebody should have come forward to say here it is. Every government that came after me investigated me because of that perception as they wanted to retrieve the billions I stole. Well, we had different approaches. I think my government was able to identify corruption-prone areas and checked them. If you remember in this country, there were things they call essential commodities. These are also sources of corruption. You go and buy Omo or food or whatever it is and we got government to take its hands off such activities. Let people use their own brains, hands and labour, nobody has to do it for them. So we did but I am proud to say that was much more effective. I don’t have the facts but if what I read in the newspapers is currently what is happening then I think we were angels” he said


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